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20th March 2018 

Taking Therapy Outside

Working therapeutically outdoors is an increasingly popular way for people to experience therapy. Research shows the benefits of being outside, from breathing fresh air to the calming effects of the colour green. Many problems that our society has seen as belonging to the individual are now being seen as arising from a much wider issue: the massive negative impact of being cut off from nature.

Working therapeutically outdoors allows us to begin to reconnect to the natural world which we are part of –it can be as simple as smelling a beautiful flower, taking a walk along the beach or taking time to simply ‘be’ in nature, noticing images and symbols that may hold deeper meaning for you. We have long known that we need to protect our green spaces, parks and allotments and spaces where green things grow, perhaps as our modern society becomes ever more busy and urban spaces expand we feel the call of our roots on the land.

How I work in nature
We have an extended session to allow time to unfold at a gentle pace, sessions take place outdoors whatever the weather so you need to bring all weather gear a drink and snack and something to sit on.

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