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Nature Connection Workshops . Winter Tree

Nature Connection for personal and professional growth -

One day workshops for deep connection and renewal in nature, for therapists and those in the helping professions.

Dates to be announced, Roncombe Valley, East Devon.

Come to the hills at the head of the Roncombe valley close to Bronze Age barrows, with views of the sea and let nature be your guide as you explore your personal and professional connection to ‘wild’ nature. This highly experiential day will expand our awareness and rekindle the deep sense of connection with nature that is part of our human birthright.

Our map for this journey will be the Four Shields model of self and nature, developed by the School of Lost Borders in California, and our group-work process will be based on the ancient form of Council. The Four Shields model is a blend of ancient wisdom and modern psychology that anchors our humanness deeply in the natural world and uses the archetypes and metaphors of the four points of the compass as a guide for the journey.

As we observe the unfolding effects of humanity's impact on the world around us, we have an opportunity to evaluate our connection with nature in our personal and professional worlds. Increasingly people are questioning ‘The Big Lie’ (a phrase coined by Stephen Foster, one of the founders of the School of Lost Borders) that humans are separate from, and superior to nature and are returning to an older and deeper knowing that we are all a part of the web of life on earth: there is no separation, there is no environment separate from humanity - it is all one - what we do ‘out there’ is what we do to ourselves ‘in here’.

This offers us the opportunity to ask some fundamental questions: What is my relationship with nature? Am I simply an extractor of her bounty or do I give back? How might I change this relationship? Is it just about commodities or can I access this in a deeper way? The Four Shields model and the Council process together act as the containers and maps we need to ask those questions, and to find our own answers reflected to us in the mirror of nature.

During the day you will have the opportunity to:
• Practice techniques to ground yourself in nature
• Learn the basics of the Four Shields model
• Have a solo experience in the woods, working with an aspect of the Four Shields that is most relevant to you
• Be part of the group as we explore how to mirror stories
• Experience the elements of Council
• Learn more about making connections with places that matter to you, so that you can continue your development and practice.

The day includes hot drinks, snacks and a simple yet delicious vegetarian lunch by the campfire. The venue is Stoney Orchard, 13 acres of land currently being re-wilded and next to a nature reserve. Our group-work will take place in the Cabin, which is a small, cosy wooden structure with woodburner. Hot drinks, lunch and toilets are available onsite.
The guides and facilitators are Sara Drew who has trained with the School of Lost Borders and works with this model and with Council in the UK and Tess Stone who is an outdoor education, permaculture and nature skills expert. Tess is the land guardian of Stoney Orchard. CPD certificates will be available on request.

£65 per person
Bookings to Sara Drew:
mobile: 07933 621106

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