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Introduction to Way of Council September 24th, 10am-4pm, St Martin’s Primary School, Cranbrook. £45.00

What is Way of Council?
A one day workshop to explore this modern form of the ancient practice of sitting in circle and sharing stories from our lives while speaking and listening wholeheartedly- ‘from the heart’. Of benefit to all and especially those in the helping professions; the day will explore how Council allows us to be heard and seen and opens up a deeper connection between people than often happens in everyday life.
The form arose with the help and support of indigenous elders and guides. No special skills are required. Participants are invited to commit to four basic precepts: to listen in a heart-felt way, leaving judgments out; to speak from the heart with integrity and spontaneity; to practice leanness of speech and to keep confidentiality.
When we are present to each other in this way, we can see the deeper truth of what we share in common, rather than apparent surface differences. In this way Council builds a sense of togetherness and connection and has much to offer in these challenging times

Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh says when we listen deeply to another person they will find healing and then be ready listen to you. Deep listening is healing.

What to Bring
The day will explore how we set up the Council circle and different ways of sitting in circle together. We will meet in the Yurt at St Martin’s primary school in Cranbrook. This is a lovely venue that feels spacious. There is room for us to sit in a circle. There is some seating, you may also like to bring a chair or cushions etc for your own comfort. Teas and coffees are provided (bring your own to guarantee your favourite supplies if needed). You will need to bring your own lunch.

Cranbrook is well served by public transport. The Exeter to Axminster number 4 bus has a frequent service with stops just outside the school. The rail station is a ten minute walk (6 min journey to Exeter city centre) and there is parking for bikes and cars.
Cost: £45.00 A couple of concessionary places are available at £25.

About Sara
Having first sat in Council 9 years ago, I am completing my training as a facilitator of Council and have run a Council group for several years. I am a member of the European Council Network and am regularly mentored in this work. I am a qualified therapeutic counsellor and Voice Dialogue practitioner. I find the practice of sitting in Council to be deeply restorative and empowering that is a real gift amidst the pressures of these times.
For more see Ways of Council

Please ring or mail me for more information, or to book.
07933 621106,

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